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The Incredible String Band - The Balmore Hoard Home recordings 1966-67

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01. Relax Your Mind
02. When The Music Starts
03. Good As Gone
04. Chinese White
05. First Girl I Loved
06. As I Walked Out
07. Likys Melodies
08. Every Time I Hear A Sweet Bird
09. Alice Is A Long Time Gone
10. Mad Hatters Song
11. Join The Band
12. The Eyes Of Fate
13. Bleerers Street Blues
14. No Sleep Blues

After returning from Morocco, Robin and Licorice lived at the home of Mary Stewart in Balmore, a few miles north of Glasgow. During renovations in 1996, a hoard of reel-to-reel tapes from that period were discovered, along with a water-colour painting and home-made fiddle, both created by Robin. Among the tapes were ones labelled 'Robin', 'Mike' and 'Robin and Mike', featuring home recordings of Robin and Mike rehearsing (both solo and together), Jamming, and even, what seems to be, planning the set for their November 1966 concert at the Royal Albert Hall, complete with introductions! The original tapes were fairly fragile and the recording quality was pretty rough, so they were subsequently electronically 'cleaned-up' by Tom Barwood.

This copy is not containing whole sessions (3CD, 59 tracks).
And as you know, this is bootleg copy. So please don't suggest about sound quality.

Wolfgang Rostek:
Only an info to the ISB: I made a webpage for the band, which tries to be different to the other existing pages. Here
You can find the whole tracklist for the Balmore Tapes. (

my rateing: 
sometimes very bad quality, but its hard to find material, and you hear all the beauty of thew ISB trough this dusty tapes

my Tradelist! ask me for uploads (

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