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Bracknell Sports Centre 1972 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the Bracknell Sports Centre, Berkshire, UK, October 14, 1972

In 1968, guitarist David Kossoff and drummer Simon Kirke formed Free with vocalist Paul Rodgers and drummer Andy Fraser. The group is best remembered for songs such as All Right Now and Wishing Well. In April 1971 due to differences between Rodgers and Fraser, the drug problems of Kossoff, and inconsistent record sales, the band broke up. This led to the studio release of the live album in 1971 called Free Live!. Early in 1972 the band set aside their differences and reformed, and in June of the same year released Free At Last. In 1976, Kossoff died from drug-induced heart failure. He was only 25. Rodgers went on to front Bad Company.

Thanks to DMHatchell, fans can now enjoy this popular show in its entirety. This is what DMHatchell said: "Classic Free Heartbreaker lineup - Koss on guitar for this - fortunately! This is straight from the master tape - cassette to CDR 

A great performance given how screwed up Koss was at the time. Many of the 1972 dates he did not play on. The recording is solid here. This was released as a boot CD, Revenge of the Heartbreaker, but appears to have dropouts and is missing the end of the last song. It is my belief that this is the first time the full tape has been available."

Downlaod Artwork

01 Heartbreaker
02 I'm on the Run
03 Soldier Boy
04 Child
05 Every Day I have the Blues
06 Come Together in the Morning
07 Wishing Well
08 Seven Angels
09 Fire and Water
10 All Right Now
11 The Hunter


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