Groovy Fab
   Chris Goes Rocks
   The Heat Warps
   Floodlit Footprint
   8 Days In April
   Garden Of Delights
   Lost In Thyme
   It's Psych
   Latimo's Psychedelicatessen
   Hammer Of The Gods
   The Clock That Went Backwards
   Pearls Before Swine
   5000 Onions

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Steely Dan 
Rainbow Theatre [no label 2CD]
Live at the Rainbow, London, England, May 20, 1974.

(click on the covers for High Quality Scans)

Download both CD´s

With just two albums to their name, Steely Dan arrived in London to promote their third, Pretzel Logic. Now… what is that? A pretzel is a salty biscuit, twisted into a curious knot with three "holes". The bread stick is likely of German origin and some claim that its origins have a Christian history. Is that the "pretzel logic" of Steely Dan? That the unique pretzel shape with three holes or rings represents third time "lucky" for the band? A holy trinity of albums? If yes, the single Rikki Don’t Lose That Number from Pretzel Logic brought them their international hit.

The Dan are with the classic lineup of Jeff Baxter, Denny Dias, Jim Hodder and even Michael McDonald on piano. The melodic songs from Can’t Buy A Thrill and Countdown To Ecstasy are played for all their worth. It’s unknown why this show in London was recorded. This source is from a tape of the soundboard recording. It shows its age, the drums are poorly miked, but thankfully Donald Fagen’s voice is nicely centered and you can hear all the guitars and keyboard parts.

After the flood of jazz-rock bands, it was really cool to listen to Steely Dan’s piano-centered jazz-rock with not a tooting horn in sight. Taking the opening bars from Horace Silver’s Song For My Father, Becker and Fagen create the fantastic pop hit Rikki Don’t Lose That Number. Silver was not amused and demanded they remove it. None of the current CD releases with this song retains that special piano intro. Luckily it survives on this live recording. The Dan have never released a live recording from this era. They were not circus showmen.

It’s a real kick to finally hear the Dan in their younger days play such great tunes as The Boston Rag, Do It Again, Brooklyn and King Of The World. These pretzels are making me thirsty. But do be careful. Remember George W Bush choked on a pretzel on January 13, 2002 while watching football on television.

Disc 1 Lineup: 

Donald Fagen – piano, vocals
Walter Becker – bass
Jeff Baxter – gtr
Denny Dias – gtr
Jim Hodder – drms
Jeff Porcaro – drms
Royce Jones – percussion, backing vocals
Michael McDonald – electric piano, backing vocals
01 Intro/ Bodhisattva (8.5MB)

02 The Boston Rag(10.0MB)

03 Do It Again (12.0MB)
04 Brooklyn [Owes The Charmer Under Me](6.0MB)
05 King Of The World(7.5MB)
06 Rikki Don’t Lose That Number(6.8MB)
07 Pretzel Logic(9.7MB)
08 Band intros(2.0MB)
Disc 2
01 My Old School(7.3MB)
02 Dirty Work(5.3MB)
03 Instrumental [Your Gold Teeth II](1.6MB)
04 Reelin’ In The Years(7.1MB)
05 Crowd noise/tuning (2.9MB)
06 Show Biz Kids (8.3MB)
07 Crowd noise/tuning (2.4MB)
08 This All Too Mobile Home (17.5MB)

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Beatles Part V

here are two Index with beatles boots:

1. 7 mp3´s
2. 18 mp3´s

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Bealtes Part VI

BBC Sessions
A Picture Of You (BBC "Here We Go," June 15, 1962)
Beautiful Dreamer (BBC "Saturday Club," Jan. 26, 1963)

"She's A Woman"
Take 1 | Take 2 | Take 3 | Take 4 | Take 5 | Take 6 | Take 7

"I Feel Fine"
Take 1 | Take 2 | Take 5 | Take 6 | Take 7 | Take 9

Cavern Club Rehearsals
I Saw Her Standing There
One After 909 (#1)
One After 909 (#2)
Catswalk (#1)
Catswalk (#2)

"I'm A Loser"
Take 1 | Take 2 | Take 3 | Take 4 | Take 5 | Take 6 | Take 7 | Take 8

"Magical Mystery Tour" Sessions
I Am The Walrus, Take 7 (Monitor Mix)
Aerial Tour Instrumental (Complete)
Hello Hello, Take 1

Take 1 | Take 2 | Take 3 | Take 4 | Take 5 | Take 6 | Take 7 | Take 8 | Take 9 | Take 10 | Take 11 | Take 12

Songs They Gave Away
Bad To Me
I'm In Love
One And One Is Two
Sour Milk Sea

Demo Tapes
If I Fell
He Said He Said (She Said She Said)
She Can Talk To Me (Hey Bulldog)
Don't Bother Me
Good Morning Good Morning
The Long And Winding Road
Cry Baby Cry
Across The Universe
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

The Decca Audition
Love Of The Loved
Take Good Care Of My Baby
September In The Rain


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Bracknell Sports Centre 1972 [no label, 1CD]
Live at the Bracknell Sports Centre, Berkshire, UK, October 14, 1972

In 1968, guitarist David Kossoff and drummer Simon Kirke formed Free with vocalist Paul Rodgers and drummer Andy Fraser. The group is best remembered for songs such as All Right Now and Wishing Well. In April 1971 due to differences between Rodgers and Fraser, the drug problems of Kossoff, and inconsistent record sales, the band broke up. This led to the studio release of the live album in 1971 called Free Live!. Early in 1972 the band set aside their differences and reformed, and in June of the same year released Free At Last. In 1976, Kossoff died from drug-induced heart failure. He was only 25. Rodgers went on to front Bad Company.

Thanks to DMHatchell, fans can now enjoy this popular show in its entirety. This is what DMHatchell said: "Classic Free Heartbreaker lineup - Koss on guitar for this - fortunately! This is straight from the master tape - cassette to CDR 

A great performance given how screwed up Koss was at the time. Many of the 1972 dates he did not play on. The recording is solid here. This was released as a boot CD, Revenge of the Heartbreaker, but appears to have dropouts and is missing the end of the last song. It is my belief that this is the first time the full tape has been available."

Downlaod Artwork

01 Heartbreaker
02 I'm on the Run
03 Soldier Boy
04 Child
05 Every Day I have the Blues
06 Come Together in the Morning
07 Wishing Well
08 Seven Angels
09 Fire and Water
10 All Right Now
11 The Hunter


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Humble Pie 
BBC Studios 1970 [no label, 1CD]
Live at BBC Studios, London, September 9, 1970

When Humble Pie played in 1969, they were already a "supergroup" - with Steve Marriott (The Small Faces, guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist), Peter Frampton (Herd, guitarist), Greg Ridley (Spooky Tooth, bassist) and Jerry Shirley (Valkyrie, drummer).

Given their pedigree, the members don't really need that much time to settle in and by the time they played at the BBC in September 1970, they already had three albums in the can.

Most of the songs tend towards the bluesy side of rock - which is up Steve Marriott's territory - and the group has a no-nonsense approach which does not mean a boring show. In fact, the playing is rigorous and the set stands out as a Humble Pie showcase. By 1972, Frampton had left the group and achieved commercial success with Frampton Comes Alive. Steve Marriott died in a house fire in 1991.

Thanks to mikeferrigan who shared the lossless tracks on the internet. Four Day Creep and Big Black Dog have been removed as they are on the official release, BBC Sessions.

Click on the Covers for High Quality Scans

01 I'm Ready
02 Live With Me
03 Stone Cold Fever
04 Hallelujah (I Love Her So)
05 Walk On Gilded Splinters
06 The Sad Bag Of Shakey Jake
07 One Eyed Trouser Snake Rumba


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The Beatles -
Complete Home Recordings 1964-1966

  Front insert (1 fold - outside)
  Back insert (1 fold - outside)
  Back insert (1 fold - inside)


01 The Public Ear Bit (0:48) 
02 The Public Ear Bit (0:41) 
03 One And One Is Two (1:53) 
04 If I Fell (0:16) 
05 If I Fell (2:34) 
06 If I Fell (0:29) 
07 If I Fell (0:38) 
08 If I Fell (0:12) 
09 Talking Guitar Blues (1:49) 
10 Talking Guitar Blues (1:39) 
11 Bouree (0:31) 
12 Top Gear Promo (2:12) 
13 Top Gear Promo (0:26) 
14 Am Sonntag Will Mein Suesser Mit Mir Segein' Gehn (0:48) 
15 We Can Work It Out (0:41) 
16 Michelle (0:57) 
17 He Said He Said (0:21) 
18 He Said He Said (0:13) 
19 He Said He Said (0:25) 
20 He Said He Said (0:10) 
21 He Said He Said (0:45) 
22 She Said She Said (0:26) 
23 She Said She Said (0:12) 
24 She Said She Said (1:05) 
25 Mellotron Improvisation (1:29) 
26 Mellotron Improvisation (0:29) 
27 Mellotron Improvisation (0:21) 
28 Mellotron Improvisation (1:47) 
29 Mellotron Improvisation (1:56) 
30 Strawberry Fields Forever (0:27) 
31 Strawberry Fields Forever (0:48) 
32 Strawberry Fields Forever (1:17) 
33 Strawberry Fields Forever (1:32) 
34 Strawberry Fields Forever (1:44) 
35 Strawberry Fields Forever (0:28) 
36 Strawberry Fields Forever (1:41) 
37 Strawberry Fields Forever (0:13) 
38 Strawberry Fields Forever (1:17) 
39 Strawberry Fields Forever (1:59) 
40 Strawberry Fields Forever (0:23) 
41 Strawberry Fields Forever (2:02) 
42 Strawberry Fields Forever (0:31) 
43 Strawberry Fields Forever (0:37) 
44 Strawberry Fields Forever (0:27) 
45 Strawberry Fields Forever (0:10) 
46 Strawberry Fields Forever (0:20) 
47 Strawberry Fields Forever (0:14) 
48 Strawberry Fields Forever (0:40) 
49 Strawberry Fields Forever (2:08) 
50 Strawberry Fields Forever (1:56) 
51 Strawberry Fields Forever (2:00) 
52 Strawberry Fields Forever (2:05) 
53 Strawberry Fields Forever (2:08) 
54 Tape Loop And Backward Speech (0:38)

Infos On

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Beatles Part


Here are some Beatles Bootlegs for Beatles newbies

greetings, amadeus


John Lennon

Free As A Bird - demo, take 3, 1977

Mirror, Mirror (On The Wall)  - demo, take 1, 1977

You Saved My Soul (With Your True Love) - demo, 1980

Baby Make Love To You - demo, 1980

Don't Be Crazy - demo, 19??

Not For Love Nor Money - demo, 19??

India  - demo, 19??

Across The River - demo, 19??

Surprise, Surprise - demo, 1974

Oh! My Love - alternate take, 1971

Attica State - take 2, 1972

God - demo, 1970

Here We Go Again - demo, 197?

Intuition - alternate take, 1973

Nobody Told Me - alternate take, 1980

Dream Lover - Double Fantasy sessions, 1980

Going Down On Love - alternate take, 1974

Roll Over Beethoven - One to One Concert rehearsals,1972


Paul McCartney

Dress Me Up As A Robber - demo, 1982

Got To Get You Into My Life - concert for Kampuchea, 1979

Hear Me Lover - demo, 1982

Mary Had A Little Lamb - live in Belgium, 1972

Venus And Mars - alternate version, 1975

My Brave Face - McCartney/Costello demo, 1987

Tragedy - Red Rose Speedway sessions, 1973

Call Me Back Again - demo, 1978

Beautiful Night - demo, 1985

Famous Groupies - alternate take, 1977

Calico Skies - live at the Colosseum, Rome, 2003


George Harrison

Apple Scruffs - take 2, 1970

If Not For You - demo, 1970

Miss O'dell - "Give Me Love" B-side, 1973

The Pirate Song - Rutland Weekend Television, 1975

Dehra Dun - short edited mix, 1969

I Don't Want To Do It - demo, 1983-85

Cosmic Empire - demo, 1970

All Things Must Pass - VH1, 1997

In My Life - live in Washington, 1974

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) - alternate take, 1973

Get Back - demo for Doris Troy, 1969

I Don't Care Anymore - "Dark Horse" B-side, 1974

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Beatles Part II

Here are some Beatles Bootlegs for Beatles

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Day Tripper - take 1, instrumental

Help! - mix takes 1,3,9 and 12

That Means A Lot - take 20

I'm Down - Ed Sullivan Show

Run For Your Life - take 5

Yes It Is - take 1

We Can Work It Out - mix demo and take 2

Michelle - demo, instrumental

Girl - take 2, instrumental

In My Life - take 3 ending

Think For Yourself - vocal rehearsal

Baby's In Black - live, Shea Stadium, New York

Honey Don't- BBC sessions



Yesterday - live in Candlestick Park, San Francisco

Strawberry Fields Forever - Kenwood demo

If I Needed Someone - live, Tokyo

It's Not Too Bad - Santa Isabel demo

Nowhere Man - live, Tokyo

She Said She Said - demo

For No One - take 14



Good Morning, Good Morning - demo

Your Mother Should Know - take 1

A Day In The Life - take 6

Down in Cuba - John's home

I Am The Walrus - take 9

Hello Hello - take 1

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - acetate



Lady Madonna - demo

Heather - Paul and Donovan Leitch improvisation

Goodbye - demo

Everybody Had A Hard Year - demo

While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Esher demo

Don't Let Me Down - demo

Can You Take Me Back - long version

Hey Bulldog - demo

Spiritual Regeneration -  Maharashi ashram, Rishikesh, India

Hey Jude - take 9 ending

Sexy Sadie - Esher demo

Nowhere To Go - George & Bob Dylan, Woodstock, NY



Two Of Us - Get Back sessions

Oh! Darling - Get Back sessions

Black Dog Blues/Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo/Run For Your Life - Get Back sessions

For You Blue - version of the unreleased album Get Back

Old Brown Shoe - Get Back sessions

Maggie Mae/Fance Me Chances - Get Back sessions

Because/Happiness Is A Warm Gun/Give Peace A
- Montreal bed-in

Don't Let Me Down/Those Were The Days - Amsterdam bed-in

Oh! Darling - take 26 ?, Abbey Road sessions

Stand By Me - Get Back sessions

Great Balls Of Fire - Get Back sessions

Oh Yoko! - Montreal bed-in

The Long And Winding Road - Get Back sessions

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Beatles Part I

Here are some Beatles Bootlegs for Beatles

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One After 909 - Paul's home rehearsal

I'll Always Be In Love With You - Paul's home rehearsal



Love Of The Loved - Decca audition

Catswalk - The Cavern rehearsal

I Saw Her Standing There - The Cavern rehearsal

Take Good Care Of My Baby - Decca audition

Dream Baby - BBC sessions

Money - Decca audition

Where Have You Been All My Life? - live, Star Club, Hamburg

Ask me why - BBC sessions



I Saw Her Standing There - takes 6, 7 and 8

There's A Place - takes 5 and 6

I'm In Love - demo

Do You Want To Know A Secret - take 7

From Me To You - take 5

Thank You Girl - take 1

Hold Me Tight - take 21

I'll Get You - BBC sessions

Please Mr. Postman - BBC sessions



I Feel Fine - take 1

I'm A Loser - take 2

You Can't Do That - live in the Hollywood Bowl

If I Fell - live in the Hollywood Bowl

Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey - TV Shinding

I'm A Loser - TV Shinding

Please Please Me - live, Washington

Twist And Shout - live in the Hollywood Bowl

She's A Woman - take 2

25.4.07 19:57

(Pink Floyd): Jokers Wild - Jokers Wild


The kind of thing you either love or hate. 
A 1965 mini-lp of covers from the band David Gilmour played with before the Floyd. Mono studio recordings.

Studio - 1965:
1. Why Do Fools Fall In Love? (Lymon) 1:52
2. Walk Like A Man (Crewe/Gaudio) 2:11
3. Don't Ask Me (What I Say) (Mann) 2:55
4. Big Girls Don't Cry (Crewe/Gaudio) 2:16
5. Beautiful Delilah (Berry) 1:58

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18.3.07 16:40

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Rock & Roll: The Gary Thain Rarities Vol. I


The Strangers

Arthur Thain, Gary Thain, Graeme Ching, Dave Beattie 

Started as a cover band, The Strangers were part of the New Zealand music
scene of the mid sixties. Though they never made a impact world wide, 
they had a good bit of local interest. The band had two Thains in the
lineup, Gary and his brother Arthur. Only six songs are known to exist, the
following are four of those recordings. 

1. Pretend 1964
2. Alright 1964
3. Can't Help Forgiving You 1965
4. I’ll Never Be Blue1965

The Secrets

Derek Wright, Wayne "Biggy" Allen, Gary Thian, Paul Muggleston 

Formally known as The Dynamics, two members left and one the new members 
to join was Gary Thain in 1965. The only known recording to surface we've found 
are of the single from 1966 of It's You and You're Wrong. The later track was
co-written by Gary, but it's incomplete. We've yet to locate the complete song. 

5. It's You 1966
6. You're Wrong 1966

The Keef Hartley Band
7. Keef Hartley live at Beat Club 1969


Download Artwork

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Jethro Tull
DVD - Golders Green, Hippodrome, England
10th Feb 1977

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(Click On The Cover For High Quality Scan)

A Room 101 Production

Made for TV Pro Shot
Ian Anderson really playing to the cameras

Lineage Unknown DVD

1. Skating Away
2. Jack In The Green
3. Thick As A brick
4. Songs From The Wood
5. Velvet Green
6. Hunting Girl
7. Aqualung
8. Guitar Solo
9. Wind Up
10. Locomotive Breath

Ian Anderson (vocals/flute/guitar)
Martin Barre (guitar/xylophone)
David Palmer (keyboards/synths)
John Evan (keyboards/accordion)
John Glascock (bass guitar)
Barriemore Barlow (drums/percussion)

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4.3.07 20:21

Led Zeppelin 
14h January, 1973 
Liverpool Empire, Liverpool, UK

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Bootleg Title: Days Of Heaven
Soundboard Recording
Lineage:>CD R-WAV-FLAC

1 Over The Hills And Far Away 6:03 
2 Black Dog 6:13
3 Misty Mountain Hop 4:42
4 Since I've Been Loving You 8:25
5 Dancing Days 4:10 
6 Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 5:50
7 The Song Remains The Same 6:01
8 The Rain Song 5:46
9 Dazed And Confused 23:38 

1 Stairway To Heaven 11:14
2 Whole Lotta Love 23:48 
3 Heartbreaker 7:19
4 The Ocean 4:19

 Click on The pictures for High Quality Scans



25.2.07 20:10

The Doors 03/01/69
Dinner Key Auditorium, Miami, FL

Download Torrent

Set I 
01 Back Door Man
02 Five To One
03 Touch Me
04 Love Me Two Times
05 When The Musics Over
06 Wake Up
07 Light My Fire
08 Moonlight Drive

NOTES: After Light My Fire chaos ensued, and Jim was thrown into the audience. Jim is extolling and insulting the audience throughout the show. He is later charged with Lewd & Lascivious behavior (Felony), Indecent Exposure (misdemeanor), Open Profanity (misdemeanor), Drunkenness (misdemeanor). Some copies also have Moonlight Drive & Backdoor Man from March 4th, 1967 included as filler.

22.2.07 17:10

Grateful Dead & Jefferson Airplane - 1967-08-04


The Grateful Dead & Jefferson Airplane
Friday, August 4, 1967 

"Bill Graham Presents the San Francisco Scene in Toronto"
O'Keefe Centre, Toronto ONT, Canada

1. New Potato Caboose [ 6:36}
2. Viola Lee Blues// [19:46] 

3. //She Has Funny Cars [ 3:00] 
4. Bringing Me Down [ 3:40]
5. High Flying Bird [ 5:55]
6. White Rabbit [ 3:18]
7. Come Back Baby [ 6:45] 
8. Runnin' 'Round This World [ 2:35]
9. Tobacco Road [ 5:09]
10. Run Around [ 3:30]
11. It's No Secret [ 3:31]

Total time [63:52]

Stereo SBD MR>R>DAT(3)>CDR(unknown number of CD gens)>EAC>
Cool Edit 2000>CD Wave>SHN>mp3 (128 kbit/s)

SHN's created by Greg Hurwitt, Notes on SHN 

I started with seed discs kindly supplied by Stu Hanson from the BUDD 
mailing list. Discs were ripped using EAC V0.9pb11 two times and 
checksums compared to insure perfect rip. (Errors were encountered on 
track 1 at 1:33 and 3:27 on both passes, however, I can detect no 
audible problems at these locations.)

The following edits were then made using Cool Edit 2000:
- removed clicks at t1 2:12, t1 4:01, and t9 4:23
- removed clicks at previous track boundaries

Tracks were split using CD Wave V1.62, and sector boundaries verified 
using shntool V1.01. SHN's were created (with seek information 
embedded) using mkwACT V0.97b1.



From July 31st through August 5,1967, Bill Graham presented The Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead in concert at O'Keefe Centre in Toronto, Canada. 
The poster for this event bears the number 74 in the BG poster series. It is extremely hard to find and has been the stumbling block of many a BG poster collection. 

The history surrounding this event has remained largely a mystery to the poster collecting community. 
We have been fortunate enough to have received these accounts from Fred and Steve Crawford, brothers from Toronto who actually attended the final evening of this historic concert series.

In July of 1967 I had just turned fifteen, I lived with my family in the suburbs of Toronto Canada. 
My parents were very conservative; my paternal grandfather was President of the Toronto Stock Exchange and our family was Catholic. 
Both my parents were anti hippie and strongly against drugs. My younger brother Steve and I both "turned" hippie that summer , 
although in retrospect I can see the change was gradual and cumulative. Most kids our age reacted the same way to the provocations of and disrespect shown by our parents. 
They were never very introspective and could not and would not accept our message of peace and love. 
Millions of us were physically forced to the barber, or thrown out of our homes, cursed and abused like mortal enemies.

In 1967 the shit had not really hit the fan and many parents were naive or in denial, not yet seeing the changes in their children. 
My parents were still somewhat pliable, although I led a very clandestine life (e.g. I used to change my clothes in the garage before school since 
my parents censored my wardrobe and tried forcing me to wear super straight clothes. I had to hide all ripped jeans and Indian stuff.). 
Steve and I were allies and we covered each other a lot with alibis and deception. Both of us were really caught up and influenced by the times; 
Viet Nam and the Haight-Ashbury were all over the news and America was both culturally paramount and politically reprehensible. 
The whole world was watching and kids our age were center stage and happening. We had power and we knew it. That whole summer was a watershed of change and exploration. 

San Francisco was our Mecca and the bands were the messengers of radical social change around the world. The most important band in the world that summer was Jefferson Airplane. 
The Dead were considered a party band and had nowhere near the political significance of the Airplane. 
Interest in the Dead at that point was purely musical and they had not yet gathered their family of Deadheads. 
Jerry was an amiable bluegrass guy with no hard edges. 
The most interesting band member was Pigpen who had a strong following of fans, independent of the band. 
I was certainly one of them. He was an iconic hippie rebel biker dude and was considered by us to be the coolest anti hero of the Haight Ashbury scene. 
Pig was all attitude and when the band played he often stole the spotlight from Jerry.

The Airplane on the other hand were very hard core. Their peace and love was in your face and demanding. 
They scared the shit out of straights and their weapon was Grace. Grace, who every hetero boy in the world wanted to ball and be possessed by. 
The children loved Grace and the parents were frightened and repelled by her. Although people respected the boys for their musicianship, 
it was Grace's incredible voice that carried the material to our hearts. The band's lyrics were calls for civil disobedience and putting 
the brakes on the whole post Fifties socio-political mess we inherited. It is impossible to over emphasize Jefferson Airplane's position, 
and particularly Grace's, as spokesmen for us. I wonder if she realizes herself what a historical hero she is. 
We all took so much strength from this band; to stand up against the authority monsters who were bent on destroying our planet and our lives. 
White Rabbit was the defining song of my generation and it reverberated around the world. 

When the news came that the Airplane were going to play O'Keefe Centre, a venue known for ballet and opera, we were amazed. 
No one really expected that they would bother with Toronto and our scene, much less choose the straightest venue in town. 
The ticket was Luke and The Apostles, a local Toronto band opening for The Grateful Dead, who were opening for Jefferson Airplane. 
The series was seven nights as well as seven matinees; my brother and I caught the last night of the gig and by that point it was the hottest ticket in town. 
The concerts had received raves in the local rock and mainstream press but my memories of the show itself revolve around Grace and the Airplane. 
They were clearly the headliners and their radical message of in your face peace and love brought home by Grace's clarion, siren voice had everyone in awe. 
The Dead in contrast were perceived as mild, party hippies with Jerry the laid back bluegrass dude with no hard edges. Grace was all hard edges tinged with serious love. 
The boys in the Airplane were excellent and genius writers and musicians but sorry, to us and most of the world, Grace was the band. 

That last night, the Dead played what I realized later was a very short set. My feeling is that Toronto brought home to both bands who was huge and who wasn't. 
Grace was the catalyst for much of what happened that summer and whatever impact she has historically and culturally is too deep and complex to delve into lightly in this particular narrative.
Torontonians were and are by nature very thoughtful and laid back, though not in a west coast way; Toronto heads were even more discriminating. 
We attended these concerts in a reverent and curious mood and both bands clearly got into our vibe.

As the Airplane were setting up following the Dead's last song there was an expectant energy in the crowd and emotions were running high.
All at once the band started playing full tilt and the lightshow exploded into our heads. It was the most stunning and dramatic experience and the crowd freaked out. 
People were literally open mouthed and some in the audience were crying with joy. They played most of the album (Surrealistic Pillow) and each song was a masterpiece. 
Although security was very tight and there was no dancing in the aisles or standing on seats, something happened that last night. 
Whether the guards were glad the concerts were almost over and all these freaks would soon be gone or Grace had won them over, I can't say. 
But during the last twenty minutes of the show a number of fans, including myself, made our way to the edge of the stage where we got to enjoy the encores. 
(I believe they played three, though I can't remember which songs). 

As the band said goodnight and the curtain came down I couldn't move ; I was transfixed and totally blissed out. 
I didn't want this experience to end and evidently neither did the bands. When most of the audience had left, 
Jerry reappeared on stage and announced that the bands were going to jam and inviting everyone to occupy the front seats.
Before the curtain fell back down I jumped up on the stage and found myself alone with both bands. I was freaking, 
but I acted as cool as I thought they were and they didn't seem to mind my presence. 
In fact Grace made me feel at home and we started to talk about her impressions of Canada. Pigpen said hi and I asked them if they'd been to Montreal where the 1967 World Expo was held. 
Grace laughed and told me that they had been refused admittance because of Pigpen, who seemed a little annoyed by her candor. 
They gave me the feeling that they were a little paranoid about the Canadian authorities and seemed relieved to be leaving. 
Grace was drinking what appeared to be orange soda out of a paper cup and I doubt back then that it contained vodka. I clearly remember her lipstick mark on the edge of the cup; I found this very erotic. 
She was and is a beautiful women and seeing her up close is one of my fondest memories. Jerry was cool but I saw that Pigpen was a really sensitive and quiet guy who seemed very different from his public image. 
He seemed melancholy and withdrawn and I was saddened but not surprised by his untimely death. 

As my brief but meaningful moment ended and the curtain rose, I moved to stage left and sat on the floor. 
The venue management would only allow us to stay for a couple of hours but we had a great time. 
On the way out that night I impulsively removed a promotional poster from the lobby wall; the guards saw me but didn't do anything., probably for reasons stated earlier. 
The next day I took a sticker off the dashboard of my mother's 62 Chevy that said " Fasten Seat Belts", a reminder to passengers to use these new safety devices. 
I stuck the sticker on the bottom of the poster to remind people to fasten their mental seat belts for Jefferson Airplane.

I went to many concerts after that and each one was an adventure, but I never had a backstage encounter like this one. 
I had no idea that my humble souvenir would someday be an important historical relic and I hope it will encourage study and discussion of this very important time in our history.

-Fred Crawford

Steve's Story

Between the Masonic Temple, (the "Rock Pile" in those days), Massey Hall and Maple Leaf Gardens I saw a lot of great shows... Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Freddie King, Buddy Rich,...
but the Airplane-Dead concert was my first concert of a major band and possibly one of, if not the best I've ever had the good fortune to witness. 

Fred was into the music like no one I've known. He always had or was listening to all the hottest and best albums. I couldn't keep up, it was amazing. 
Luke and the Apostles were an interesting act, as well as of course the Dead. Pigpen was one of my heroes and I painted a good likeness of him which I hung on my wall for quite awhile, 
especially after hearing, sadly, of his still youthful passing.The Grateful Dead, as I realized then and in retrospect, were the perfect folkish, rockish, countryish with psychedelic lyrics warm-up for the amazing Jefferson Airplane. 

The '' Light Show by Headlights'' was the most dazzling exhibit of effects I've ever seen (only seconded by Pink Floyd). 
As soon as they were ready to go (after the Dead's set and intermission ) everything happened at once; the awesome lights and a moving stage that moved forward as if it was this huge momentum of light and sound right in your face! 
The oil and water effects were second to none and as I remember, the O'Keefe Centre (now the Hummingbird Centre) had good acoustics.

O'Keefe Centre that night was certainly an experience. Somehow, I had acquired 2 tickets for myself and a cousin who was a little older and kind of a greaser. (Fred and I had separate seats to the same concert.)
''White Rabbit'' was awesome and intense. ''3/5 of a mile in 10 seconds'' really cooked with Jorma and Paul's heavy, distortion-driven riffs (acid-rocked). I think it was pretty much near the end, but my goofy cousin wanted to go . 
So for some reason we left. (I wish I had stayed, especially after the story my brother told me after the show!) 

After my brother acquired the poster from O'Keefe Centre we hung it proudly on our bedroom wall to remember the experience. 
After a couple of years, me being the more nostalgic one, (and also since my brother went to live in the U.S.A. for more than 25 years), I ended up with the poster. 
I took care of it for years. It still has a lot of sentimental value to me and always will. I am totally in awe of the fact that the poster is so rare and such an essential historical document, as well as very happily surprised. 
It would be nice to think it will stimulate disscussion and encourage study of the mystical as well as philosophical aspects of a very unique period in our history. 
Thank you Bill Graham. 

-Steve Crawford

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