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Pink Fairies - Never Neverland (UK Underground Rock 1971)

Bitrate: 256
Artwork included

 Part2: ...eb164a.html

 01 Do It
 02 Heavenly Man
 03 Say You Love Me
 04 War Girl
 05 Never Never Land
 06 Track One, Side Two
 07 Thor
 08 Teenage Rebel
 09 Uncle Harry's Last Freak-Out
 10 The Dream Is Just Beginning
 11 The Snake ( Single Version )
 12 Do It ( Single Edit )
 13 Teenage Rebel ( Alt. Mix - Previously Unreleased )
 14 War Girl ( First Version - Previously Unreleased )

 The excessive, drug-fueled Pink Fairies grew out of the Deviants, a loose-knit  band formed in 1967 by members of the West London hippie commune  Ladbroke Grove. Initially dubbed the Social Deviants and consisting primarily  of vocalist Mick Farren, guitarist Paul Rudolph, bassist Duncan Sanderson and  drummer Russell Hunter, the group also featured satellite members Marc  Bolan, Steve Peregrine Took and players from the band Group X, later  rechristened Hawkwind. After three noisy, psychedelic albums and a U.S.  tour, Farren exited to become a music journalist; the remaining Deviants  returned to London, where they recruited vocalist and former Pretty Things  drummer Twink (born John Alder), who suggested the name Pink Fairies.  Despite gaining a reputation for mythic debauchery, the group remained  largely an underground sensation before signing to Polydor and issuing their  1971 debut Never Never Land, a manic, decadent album featuring the live  staples "Do It" and "Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out."

 Shortly after the record's release Twink departed, and the Pink Fairies  continued on as a trio for 1972's What a Bunch of Sweeties; recorded with  assistance from the Move's Trevor Burton, the album reached the Top 50 on  the U.K. charts, and was the group's most commercially successful effort.  Soon, Rudolph exited to become a full-time member of Hawkwind, and was  replaced by UFO's Larry Wallis for 1973's hard-rock excursion Kings of  Oblivion. Twink rejoined the Pink Fairies' ranks a short time later, but the  group nonetheless disbanded before the end of the year.

 In 1975, the Kings of Oblivion-era line-up reunited for a one-off London gig;  an enthusiastic response led to the official reformation of the nucleus of  Rudolph, Sanderson and Hunter, who added former Chilli Willi and the Red  Hot Peppers vocalist Martin Stone before again disbanding in 1977. A decade  later, the original line-up -- minus Rudolph, but including Wallis -- reunited  for the album Kill 'Em and Eat 'Em before calling it quits yet one more time.

 Kicking off the most exhaustive exhumation yet of the Pink Fairies' early-'70s  catalog, the remastered Neverneverland readily takes its place among the  era's most crucial debuts, a hard-rocking, free-flowing and, above all,  anarchic monster that opens with the definitive statement of Yippie intent,  "Do It," and doesn't look back. Titled for radical Jerry Rubin's book of the  same name, "Do It" remains a manifesto for the revolution that never quite  got off the ground, a gutsy affirmation that the Pink Fairies were never to  eclipse.

 Originally released as a January 1971 single, "Do It" also appears among the  bonus tracks in its edited (three-minute) 45 rpm format, together with its  turbulent B-side, the similarly barnstorming "The Snake." And it must be  admitted that anybody entering the realm of the Fairies from those points of  view is in for at least a few surprises. While "Say You Love Me" and  "Teenage Rebel" certainly adhere to the band's rockiest tendencies, the ballad  "Heavenly Man" sounds like nothing so much as that other pink thing, Floyd,  circa Obscured By Clouds, while "War Girl" has a distinct American R&B tinge  to it.

 Other moods float in and out of focus before Neverneverland returns to Free  Festival Central for the live crowd-pleaser "Uncle Harry's Last Freakout" --  present in both its 11-minute LP form and, among the bonus tracks, the
 12-minute instrumental prototype that was one of the band's first studio  attempts at the piece. Needless to say, both are as relentless as the title  insists -- and as fiery as the Fairies' own reputation demands they should be.

 -- Chris Goes Rocks

my rating:

get this, its rockin' music! share this and use my link if you want!


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next post will be:
Pink Fairies - Never Neverland (UK Underground Rock 1971)

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Janis Joplin - This Is Janis Joplin

Scans & Info on


1. Apple Of My Eye (unknown) [Home Recording] [Overdubbed]
2. 219 Train (Bolden) [Home Recording] [Overdubbed]
3. Codine (Sainte-Marie/Joplin) [Home Recording] [Overdubbed]
4. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (Cox) [Home Recording] [Overdubbed]
5. Turtle Blues (Joplin) [Home Recording] [Overdubbed]
6. I Ain't Got A Worry (Axton) [Home Recording] [Overdubbed]
7. Goin' To Brownsville (Jackson) [Home Recording] [Overdubbed]

my rateing: 
some blues stuff. the sound is great  share it, use my link if you want


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[Video] - AC/DC - Can I Sit Next To You Girl (with Dave Evans)


the Video (31,1 mb)


14.6.07 14:02

Jefferson Airplane -
1966-11-06 - Fillmore Auditorium, SF, CA
Late Show, Set 1

# of Tracks: 7
Total Time: 27:50

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:

Tracklist :
  Introduction/She Has Funny Cars
  High Flying Bird
  Let Me in
  Run Around
  Its No Secret
  In The Morning
  My Best Friend

Grace Slick - vocals, organ
Marty Balin - vocals, percussion
Paul Kantner - vocals, guitar
Jorma Kaukonen - lead guitar
Jack Casady - bass
Spencer Dryden - drums

In these early days of promoting events at The Fillmore Auditorium, Bill Graham often took the unique approach of having the featured headlining act perform a set first. The support acts would then play during the break, followed by a second set by the headliner. Many of these Fillmore Auditorium shows were billed as dance events, rather than concerts, with no assigned seating on the floor. These were also some of the earliest productions to feature light shows and screen projections along with the live music. Attendees were encouraged to dance and interact with each other, making these events quite different than a traditional concert experience.

These Jefferson Airplane sets are fascinating for a number of reasons. Grace Slick had just replaced Signe Anderson as the female voice of the band just a few weeks prior to this show. This recording gives a clear picture of that transition taking place. This concert also falls right between the initial studio sessions for the band's breakthrough second album, Surrealistic Pillow, which they were recording at RCA's studio A in Los Angeles the week before and the week after these performances. That album, more than any other, would soon gain Jefferson Airplane, as well as the San Francisco cultural scene, national attention.

Following a humorous introduction by Bill Graham, the first set kicks off with the roar of a jet taking off, but this time they launch into "She Has Funny Cars," one of their newer songs, to open the show. Much like the early show, the next four numbers all were featured on the band's debut LP, Jefferson Airplane Takes Off.

Jorma and Jack then take over for a version of "In The Morning," one of their earliest blues numbers featuring all the early trademarks of electric Hot Tuna, years before the fact. The early set ends with another lovely version of "My Best Friend." Although still somewhat primitive, the captivating Airplane vocal blend is clearly beginning to happen and the unique instrumental approach of Jorma, Jack and Spencer is becoming quite distinctive.

The Airplane then takes an extended break with a middle set by Demon Lover.

my rating: 
well sound, tracks are great, but they played wrong on some songs :P
but all in all, I would say get this, ´cause this a very early airplane boot.
share this and use my link if you want


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28.5.07 18:46

Miles Davis - Fillmore East 1970 [no label, 2CD]
6 Mar 1970 - Live at the Fillmore East, NYC

Cover & Info on
 CD 1
 CD 2

 CD 1 :
  Part 1:
  Part 2:
 CD 2 :
  Part 3:
  Part 4:

The Davis Sextet opened for Neil Young and Crazy Horse and The Steve Miller Blues Band for two nights at the Fillmore East, March 6-7 (Friday-Saturday).

If playing support act bothered Miles, it didn't show in his music. Miles wrote in his autobiography of that period: "The sound of my music was changing as fast as I was changing musicians, but I was still looking for the combination that could give me the sound I wanted. Jack DeJohnette gave me a certain deep groove that I just loved to play over, but then Billy Cobham gave me a more rock-like sound. Dave Holland played the stand-up bass and I could groove behind that in a way that I couldn't when Harvey Brooks brought in his electric bass sound. The same thing with Chick (Corea), Herbie (Hancock), Joe (Zawinul), Keith (Jarrett) and Larry (Young), too. I was seeing it all as a process of recording all this music, just getting it all down while it was flowing out of my head."

Miles Davis - trumpet
Wayne Shorter - tenor & soprano saxophones
Chick Corea - electric piano
Dave Holland - acoustic & electric basses
Jack DeJohnette - drums
Airto Moreira - percussion

CD 1:
1. Warming Up/Directions (8:29) [First Show]
2. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down (13:08) [First Show]
3. I Fall In Love Too Easily/Sanctuary (5:56) [First Show]
4. It's About That Time/The Theme (14:39) [First Show]

CD 2:
1. Warming Up / Directions (9:58) [Second Show]
2. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down (10:16) [Second Show]
3. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down [Second Show]
4. It's About That Time/The Theme [Second Show]

my rateing: 
Great! get this! share it, use my link if you want


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Woody Guthrie - 1945-xx-xx - BBC Broadcast

Cover & Info on


1. Interview [BBC 'Children's Hour', 7 Jul 1944]
2. The Wabash Cannonball [BBC 'Children's Hour', 7 Jul 1944]
3. 900 Miles From Home [BBC 'Children's Hour', 7 Jul 1944]
4. V.D.Blues (The Story Of Rosty The Lonesome Traveller ) [Lost Radio Shows]

my rateing:
just great for that age 10 stars! and don´t forget to sharee this! use my link if you want


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23.5.07 19:21

Woody Guthrie - Hard Travelin'

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

01 Car Song
02 I Ride an Old Paint
03 Hard, Ain't It Hard
04 Ship in the Sky
05 Jesus Christ
06 When That Great Ship Went Down
07 Dust Bowl Blues
08 Baltimore to Washington
09 Jackhammer Blues
10 Oregon Trail
11 Buffalo Gals
12 Valley, Jarama
13 Muleskinner Blues
14 Buffalo Skinners
15 Wreck of the Old '97
16 Dig My Life Away
17 Slip Knot (Hang Knot)
18 Poor Boy
19 Hard Travellin'
20 Two Good Men
21 Better World A-Comin'
22 Mean Talking Blues
23 I Ain't Got Nobody
24 New Found Land
25 Picture from Life's Other Side

my rateing:
just woody guthrie! download this and share it, use my link if you want,


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The Beatles - India

Die Grafik "" kann nicht angezeigt werden, weil sie Fehler enthält.

Cover & Info on


01 India (John´s Demo)
02 Dera Dun (At Friar Park Anthology Sessions 1994)
03 Speech: John
04 What´s The New Marry Jane
05 Dear Prudence (White Album Sessions 28th August 1968)
06 Frenzy And Distortion
07 Another Hard Day´s Night
08 The Inner Light
09 Tomorrow Never Knows
10 The Chase
11 Love You To

Tracks 7-11 are in Mono

my rateing:
just great, many sitar stuff!

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hi there ,

on sunday I´m uploading new stuff
and how I said, ask me for Boots !

and don´t foregt to boogie!,


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Janis Joplin - The Rarest Pearls

Cover & Info on


1. Coo Coo (Traditional) [Regular] [45, December 12, 1966]
2. The Last Time (Joplin) [Regular] [45 b-side, December 14, 1966]
3. Call On Me (Andrew) [Alternative Take, 13 Dec 1966]
4. Bye Bye Baby (St John) [Alternative Take, 13 Dec 1966]
5. Easy Rider (Gurley) [Mar 1968, long version]
6. It's A Deal (Albin/Andrew/Getz/Gurley/Joplin) [Studio Outtake, Mar 1968]
7. Easy Once You Know How (Albin/Andrew/Getz/Gurley/Joplin) [Studio Outtake, Mar 1968)
8. Flower In The Sun (Andrew) [Studio Outtake, Mar 1968]
9. Road Block (Joplin/Albin) [Studio Outtake, Mar 1968]
10. Misery'n (Albin/Andrew/Getz/Gurley/Joplin) [Studio Outtake, Apr 1968]
11. Catch Me Daddy (Albin/Andrew/Getz/Gurley/Joplin) [Outtake, Apr 1968]
12. Harry (Getz) [Studio Outtake, Jun 1968]
13. Dear Landlord (Dylan) [Studio Outtake, Jun 1969]
14. Me And Bobby McGee (Foster/Kristofferson) [unknown acoustic take]
15. One Night Stand (Flast/Gordon) [Studio Outtake, Mar 1970]

my rateing: 
this is a side of janis, I never heared , I think after this, I will listen more seriouser to janis stuff!

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hi there ,
please have a look in the section "Downloadtipps".
There I have some interesting stuff .

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The Incredible String Band - The Balmore Hoard Home recordings 1966-67

Cover & Info on


01. Relax Your Mind
02. When The Music Starts
03. Good As Gone
04. Chinese White
05. First Girl I Loved
06. As I Walked Out
07. Likys Melodies
08. Every Time I Hear A Sweet Bird
09. Alice Is A Long Time Gone
10. Mad Hatters Song
11. Join The Band
12. The Eyes Of Fate
13. Bleerers Street Blues
14. No Sleep Blues

After returning from Morocco, Robin and Licorice lived at the home of Mary Stewart in Balmore, a few miles north of Glasgow. During renovations in 1996, a hoard of reel-to-reel tapes from that period were discovered, along with a water-colour painting and home-made fiddle, both created by Robin. Among the tapes were ones labelled 'Robin', 'Mike' and 'Robin and Mike', featuring home recordings of Robin and Mike rehearsing (both solo and together), Jamming, and even, what seems to be, planning the set for their November 1966 concert at the Royal Albert Hall, complete with introductions! The original tapes were fairly fragile and the recording quality was pretty rough, so they were subsequently electronically 'cleaned-up' by Tom Barwood.

This copy is not containing whole sessions (3CD, 59 tracks).
And as you know, this is bootleg copy. So please don't suggest about sound quality.

Wolfgang Rostek:
Only an info to the ISB: I made a webpage for the band, which tries to be different to the other existing pages. Here
You can find the whole tracklist for the Balmore Tapes. (

my rateing: 
sometimes very bad quality, but its hard to find material, and you hear all the beauty of thew ISB trough this dusty tapes

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12.5.07 00:04

C.O.B. - 1972-xx-xx - Old Ash Tree, Kent

Cover & Info on


01. I Told Her
02. Music Of The Ages
03. Bones
04. Sweet Slavery
05. Wade In The Water
06. Bright Eyed One
07. Scanky Black Farmer
08. Blue Morning
09. When He Came Home
10. Spirit Of Love
11. Lion Of Judah (Cortada)
12. Nile Roses

my rateing: 
the sound quality is ok. the songs are in the beginning a little bit strange, but with the time, they are getting really beautyful

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11.5.07 18:43

Janis Joplin - Texas International Pop Festival

Cover & Info on


1. Stage Annoucement By Wavy Gravy (unknown)
2. Raise Your Hand (Floyd/Isbell/Cropper)
3. As Good As You've Been To This World (Gravenites)
4. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) (Ragovoy/Taylor)
5. Maybe (Barrett)
6. To Love Somebody (Gibb/Gibb)
7. Summertime (Gershwin/Heyward/Gershwin)

my rateing: 
fuckin' great!
get this! great sound and graet versions!


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10.5.07 22:36

Jefferson Airplane - The Saga Of Sidney Spacepig

Cover & Info on


1. And I Like It (Balin/Kaukonen)
2. Pretty As You Feel (Casady/Covington/Kaukonen)
3. The Saga Of Sidney Spacepig (Dryden)
4. The Saga Of Sidney Spacepig (Dryden)
5. The Saga Of Sidney Spacepig (Dryden)
6. Feel So Good (Kaukonen)
7. A Song For All Seasons (Dryden)
8. She Has Funny Cars (Kaukonen/Balin)
9. And I Like It (Balin/Kaukonen)
10. Let's Get Together (Powers)
11. High Flying Bird (Wheeler)

my rating: 
except of the really crazy thing with
The Saga Of Sidney Spacepig part 1, 2 and 3
but anyway, get this!

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jiiiipiii!! from now on, I will never post links to other downloadsites or other payed servers etc. like I did before... from now on I will post my own boots boots out of my big tradelist 

but just boots , that it stays legal :P:)

that mean, if you want me something to upload, just check this list and write me an email 



15.5.07 22:44

Van Morrison 
Astral Weeks Live [no label, 1CD]

(Click on the covers for High Quality Scans)

Fans lapped up the album when Astral Weeks was released in 1968 but it wasn't a commercial success. It only went gold in 2001.

This is what Lester Bangs wrote of Van Morrison's Astral Weeks: "I don't really know how significant it might be that many others have reported variants on my initial encounter with Astral Weeks. I don't think there's anything guiding it to people enduring dark periods. It did come out at a time when a lot of things that a lot of people cared about passionately were beginning to disintegrate, and when the self-destructive undertow that always accompanied the great '60s party had an awful lot of ankles firmly in its maw and was pulling straight down. So, as timeless as it finally is, perhaps Astral Weeks was also the product of an era. Better think that than ask just what sort of Irish churchwebbed haints Van Morrison might be product of."

Bangs added: "Madame George is the album's whirlpool. Possibly one of the most compassionate pieces of music ever made, it asks us, no, arranges that we see the plight of what I'll be brutal and call a lovelorn drag queen with such intense empathy that when the singer hurts him, we do too. (Morrison has said in at least one interview that the song has nothing to do with any kind of transvestite - at least as far as he knows, he is quick to add - but that's bullshit.) The beauty, sensitivity, holiness of the song is that there's nothing at all sensationalistic, exploitative, or tawdry about it; in a way Van is right when he insists it's not about a drag queen, as my friends were right and I was wrong about the 'pedophelia' - it's about a person, like all the best songs, all the greatest literature."

Here is a fan compilation of all the songs from Van's classic album taken from live tracks performed from 1967 to 1990. Includes some acoustic studio demos.

01 Astral Weeks (Boston, May 19, 1972)
02 Beside You (Studio, 1967)
03 Sweet Thing (Los Angeles, May 26, 1973)
04 Cyprus Avenue (Belfast, February 20, 1979)
05 The Way Young Lovers Do (Los Angeles, May 26,1973)
06 Madame George / Ballerina (Belfast, October 23, ?)
07 Slim Slow Slider (San Francisco, November 8, 1982)
  Bonus Tracks:
08 Sweet Thing / Astral Weeks (November 7, Montreux 1990)
09 Slim Slow Slider (Dublin, December 17, 1995)
10 The Way Young Lovers Do / A Town Called Paradise (Croydon, November 17, ?)
11 Ballerina (Acoustic Demo)
12 The Way Young Lovers Do (Acoustic Demo)


thanks, amadeus

7.5.07 20:09

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